Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Huelskamp WINS!!!

KAKE News reports Tim Huelskamp has been declared the winner in the Kansas First District. Sam Brownback has also been declared winner as governor and Jerry Moran will be Kansas' next US Senator.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jilka releases ad

Shockingly, Alan Jilka has chosen to call Tim Huelskamp "extreme" in his debut television advertisement.

With just two days left until Election Day, Jilka has finally scrapped together enough money to run some ads on TV, and boy is his first (and probably only) a flop. In the advertisement, Jilka makes no attempt to introduce himself or what he stands for to the people of the district, he only reverts to his old tactic of calling Huelskamp "extreme."

Not only is his ad 100% negative, but Jilka uses the most extreme (that's a little joke) photo of Huelskamp he could possibly find. It's so outrageous and grainy that it looks like it's been photo-shopped. I certainly wouldn't put that above Jilka's desperate campaign.

In between cutting second rate negative ads, the Jilka campaign seems to be focusing on it's only endorsements during it more then one year plus campaign: teacher unions and liberal newspapers.

What a sad testament. Mr. Jilka could have run with dignity. Instead he's decided to simply throw it all away.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Huelskamp raises over quarter of a million in 3rd quarter

The Huelskamp campaign announced raising over one quarter of a million dollars during the third quarter, putting him in the drivers seat against his two lesser known opponents.

Over 850 individual donors contributed $268,000 to the Huelskamp campaign over the past three months. That's in comparison to only $30,000 in contributions Democrat Alan Jilka has received. More than likely Jilka's continued support of President Obama and his healthcare plan, and Jilka's silence on the re-election of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, have hurt his fundraising chances.

Huelskamp continues to be the only candidate to have raised money from all 69 counties in the Big First District.

The fundraising advantage is beginning to become very apparent as the election nears. Just last night the Huelskamp campaign released a new ad for the general election highlighting his commitment to Kansas' number one industry, farming. I wasn't able to find it on YouTube just yet, hopefully it will be put up soon, and when it is, I'll try to remember to share it here.

Up 30 plus points in the polls and with ten times more cash on hand than his Democratic opponent, Huelskamp is clearly in the driver's seat as election day nears.