Saturday, January 2, 2010

Huelskamp sets sights on Planned Parenthood once again

Sen. Tim Huelskamp is once again setting his sights on the well connected abortion industry with plans to reintroduce legislation to defund Planned Parenthood in Kansas.

The bill is a copy of an amendment Sen. Huelskamp successfully passed last legislative session that would have taken federal funding marked for Planned Parenthood and instead given it to community clinics and hospitals. Contrary to the views expressed by the pro-abortion left, the amendment would not have taken funding away for women's health services but rather redistribute the funds to clinics and organizations that the public as a whole can accept and support.

Sen. Huelskamp continues to show his strong leadership for life in Kansas. It's certainly no wonder why pro-life organizations like Concerned Women for America and Kansans for Life endorsed Huelskamp so early in this race.

You can also view a very detailed interview with Sen. Huelskamp at