Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birds of a Feather…

Recently, ultra-liberal Democratic blogger Marty Keenan wrote about his glowing admiration for Tracey Mann, which you can see HERE, if you have the stomach to handle it.

Keenan and Mann have plenty in common, most notably that they have both given contributions to Jim Slattery, a liberal, pro-abortion Democrat who ran against Pat Roberts in 2008. The Hutch News writes about Mann’s donation HERE, and a quick search of the FEC database shows that Keenan has been giving to democrats even longer than Mann has.

Here’s a quick summary of his contributions:

$1,025 to the Kansas Democratic Party

$450 to Barack Obama for President

$500 to Jim Slattery for U.S. Senate

So Mann and Keenan each gave $500 to Slattery against Roberts and now Mann is getting glowing articles and support from his Obama buddy, Marty Keenan…

You know how the saying goes…birds of a feather…