Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kaw and Border: Huelskamp's our guy

You can find a very well written piece about the first district congressional race at the blog Kaw and Border. In Win in '10: Wanting a big bat from the big first, they detail the first district race and why Tim Huelskamp should be the pick for any experienced, principled conservative.

First they take a look at Jim Barnett and see right through that conservative costume he's been wearing since his election announcement.

When he decided he wanted to run for Governor, his record and rhetoric took a sharp right turn and he started to sound and vote like a conservative. He also picked well-known conservative Susan Wagle as his running mate.

...he had a chance to pick a side in the Senate leadership elections when his former running mate, Susan Wagle, was running for Senate President against the liberal Steve Morris. Though the final vote was 18-13, his vote was critical in terms of conservatives getting to the magical 16 number. Barnett chose Morris and with it, threw away any remaining loyalty he had built with the conservatives who put their sweat and tears on the line for him in 2006.
And they detailed what everyone's been thinking about Rob Wasinger.
So, essentially, Rob Wasinger has been in Washington D.C. for the past 15 years, until now, when he has decided to run for Congress. While his resume is indeed impressive and might provide a great deal of insight into the workings of Congress and inside-baseball politics, we have a lack of real knowledge of how Wasinger would approach the job as a Congressman, individual issues, constituent work, and even subjects such as basic representation. How much time will he really spend in the district? How much of a fighter will he really be for the conservative cause? Is he just wanting to be a Congressman now because he's used to Washington and wants to stay there and wants a nice politically career?
And finally we get to the Kaw and Border pick, Tim Huelskamp. I'll share just a bit of what they had to say.
Senator Tim Huelskamp is one of the leading conservative voices in Kansas. For the last 13 years, he has been one of a few lonely reasoned voices in a body -- the Kansas Senate -- lacking in them. He's fought not just on one or two pet issues, but has consistently fought the good fight on a myriad of issue battlefields, from the sanctity of life to fiscal responsibility to low taxes to the size of government. The list goes on and on.
You can read the entire post here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Captain obvious

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did the tree really fall?

If Rob Wasinger endorses someone and there's only one candidate left, did he really endorse him?

Granted, at the time Rob thought he was just what Brownback needed to scare off that pesky Ron Thornburgh. Never mind that 50 point deficit in the polls. I'm sure Thornburgh dropped out of the race because Rob threw his political might behind his old boss. I'm rather shocked Wasinger's campaign hasn't tried to claim credit for Thornburgh's demise.

But I can't help but laugh at Wasinger "endorsing" any candidate, for governor or otherwise. Does Rob really think that one single person in Kansas cares that he thinks Brownback would make a good governor? Um, no. I'm pretty sure they have to know who you are first to care.

So while it was cute to try and (again) use your old boss to further your own political ambitions, it just further proves that your willing to throw anyone, and I mean anyone, under the bus to get yourself back to Wasington. I mean Washington. Wow, Freudian slip.

Wasinger's "endorsement" of Brownback is yet another cry for help. One that I doubt will be answered.