Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wasinger ends first district drought

Rob Wasinger posted his numbers late tonight with some noticeable first district contributions. A quick glance though still shows a lot of Virginia's, Washington's and even a Hawaii. But it looks like the first district curse is finally over.

Total raised around $67,000 but spent a noticable $54,000. That would seem to be rather unsustainable, but perhaps there's other sources yet to be tapped.

Charts, other stuff in a day or two.

Huckabee coming to Kansas for Huelskamp

Sen. Tim Huelskamp reported nearly $80,000 in contributions this quarter. That's a rather healthy amount, but no where close to the amounts raised by Mann and Barnett. He has around $235,000 on hand, which still competes with any candidate in the race. The number isn't shocking and is rather expected, right in line with his last report.

The number of unitemized contributions continues to be quite impressive at over $25,000. Those are folks that he can continue to tap again and again for contributions. Most itemized contributions came from Kansas, although I didn't look at it that closely. The amount of money he's been able to raise from the first district is just simply amazing. I'm shocked there's that much out there.

The big news is former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee coming to Kansas to headline a fundraiser for Huelskamp at Hutchinson. You can see some coverage here, here and here. Huckabee overwhelmingly won the Kansas Presidential caucus and will be a big name event for Huelskamp. That's in addition to endorsements from two former Kansas gubernatorial candidates. More on that later.

Still nothing from Wasinger. I'll put up the pie charts later this week along with some cash on hand and other analysis from this quarter and totals to date.

Mann reports in, still nothing from Huelskamp, Wasinger

Tracey Mann clocked in today with a notable $157,000 in individual contributions. That doesn't include nearly $14,000 of in-kind donations. It did look as though there were a lot of family names listed, but that is negligible. It looks as though the Johnson County transplant had a very good quarter raising more in individual contributions than former GOP candidate Jim Barnett.

And to follow up on Barnett as noted last night, every donor has "requested" list for an employer and occupation. I'm still curious what the FEC is going to think of that. I have no idea if there are any repercussions to filling a report without required information, but it is pretty clear that the Barnett campaign had plenty of time to compile the info. In fact, they still have time to file their quarterly report. Huelskamp and Wasinger still haven't filed theirs, so why the Barnett campaign would choose to file early and potentially run aground with the FEC with their very first report is a bit interesting.

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Barnett loans himself $100K, Boldra down and out

A quick check of the FEC website shows Jim Barnett has loaned himself $100,000. This was an expected move on his part, with more to come almost a certainty. No results yet from Huelskamp, Mann or Wasinger.

Boldra reported just under $2,000 raised, with just over $6,000 on hand. Looks like Bolrda will remain a minor candidate.

Barnett also took in a handsome amount of contributions, just under $150,000. And I see a lot of Kansas addresses. However, I also see he's listed "requested" for occupation for every single contribution. That's not going to fly with the FEC and it makes no sense at all why he's done it, especially since some of them wouldn't be hard to figure out. State Rep. Don Hill for example donated. Why list "requested" for his occupation? It's not like it's a big secret.

That's all for tonight. More tomorrow or Thursday as more reports come online.