Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wasinger takes a bow?

Dirt Diver, a relatively new Kansas blog, has a short rumor posted that Rob Wasinger is considering greener pastures already after not getting much traction against frontrunner Tim Huelskamp.

Apparently Wasinger doesn't agree. He most vividly signed his name to a comment where he called the author an "idiot" then followed up by suggesting he was working for Huelskamp.

You mean like how the now defunct Kansas Republican blog hounded Huelskamp for nothing time after time? Because you weren't behind that, were you Wasinger?

I have to question any candidate for Congress who would use such language, even in the online realm against an anonymous person. Not to mention it's probably true.

Wasinger has not gotten any traction and won't as the election nears because everyone is asking themselves, "Why vote for an unknown with no voting record when I can vote for the real deal with 12 years of history standing for conservative values?"

That's why Wasinger is in trouble.

To add a little fuel to the fire, it seems Wasinger has played 'musical campaign' before. A 2001 IRS 8871 form shows a 527 political organization formed with the name "Wasinger for Treasurer." I guess Rob wanted the Treasurer's spot just a few years ago.

Too bad for Rob that it never went anywhere. The 527 formed but no donations were ever reported. Now, it could be he took the money and ran, but after his faltering in the KS-01 race, it seems more likely nobody wanted to fork over any cash.

What is more concerning is that a Marilyn Wasinger is listed as Secretary and gives a Hays address for contact information. But voter registration records show the Marilyn Wasinger at that Hays address is a registered Democrat and most recently voted in the August 2008 primary.

It's one thing to be a Democrat, but when you vote in the are a DE-MO-CRAT!

I'm sure that Rob and Marilyn are related, which explains why Rob has a Democrat taking care of his money (or lack thereof.)

But if you want to run on a conservative platform in the big First District, wouldn't it seem appropriate to have, say, I don't know, a REPUBLICAN be your 527 treasurer rather than, you know, a DEMOCRAT?

It's clear what has happened here. Back in '01, Rob thought there would be an open Treasurer's spot and got all hyped up and formed a 527. But back then, it wasn't so hip to be conservative. So, having a Democrat as treasurer wasn't something to question.

But now it's 2009 and conservatives are getting ready to clean up. And if Rob wants to have a job after Brownback wins the governor's race, he's got to move quite a bit to the right.

Again, this is why Huelskamp will get the nod. Why waste time with a guy who just talks when I can vote for a guy that's walked the walk for 12 years?