Friday, July 10, 2009

Huelskamp meets June fundraising goal

Exciting news from the Huelskamp for Congress campaign! Sen. Huelskamp announced tonight that they've met their June fundraising goal, making it the best month ever for the campaign!

This is such an important announcement from the campaign. With hundreds of thousands of dollars of out-of-state money financing opponents campaigns, it's essential that Huelskamp be able to rely on the citizens of the first district and Kansas to show who the proven conservative is in this race. It looks like Sen. Huelskamp has once again accomplished that.

Sen. Huelskamp is also leading in the endorsements race. This is important of course, but money raised from the first district and Kansas is essentially like a vote from the people. Anyone who is unable to raise money from the district they want to represent has a significant problem trying to get someone to vote for them.

The fight certainly isn't over. There are many more quarterly reports to go. In addition to significant out-of-state funding, there is also the possibility of candidates using their own personal wealth to finance their campaigns. But with continued generosity by everyday Kansans to the Huelskamp campaign, it looks like they'll be able to go toe to toe with anyone in the race.

Quarterly reports should begin to be available Tuesday night into Wednesday and Thursday. I'll be out of town but will try to have a breakdown of the numbers as quickly as possible. With the announcement today from the Huelskamp campaign, I'm excited to see how everyone else performed.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wasinger MIA with conservative press

Mr. Conservative Rob Wasinger was missing in action in tonight's article in Kansas Liberty about the first district endorsement race. Kansas Liberty summarized the endorsement race in light of former Congressman Jim Ryun's endorsement of Sen. Tim Huelskamp today.

Liberty also interviewed Tracey Mann and the newest candidate, Monte Shadwick. Say what you will about the Salina guys, but at least they have the decency to speak to the press. Barnett, Bolrda and Wasinger apparently don't believe the public has a right to know what they think.

I expect this kind of stuff from Barnett and Boldra. After all, they are the farthest left of the six candidates. Barnett in particular now needs to focus on hiding his record from the public to have a better chance at election. But Wasinger's decision to avoid a reporter, especially one that is actually fair and factual, is down right inexcusable.

Even though Tim Huelskamp is the only well rounded conservative in the race with a stellar record to back it up, at least all of the other candidates recognize that they have to appear like a well rounded conservative to get elected. Everyone but Rob Wasinger it would appear.

While everyone else has been trying to convince the public they're the best candidate by treading to the right of where they naturally are, Rob Wasinger storms into town (sorry, storms into the state) and goes distinctly left, hiring Washington D.C. lawyers who do work for stem cell research initiatives in California and raise money for candidates like
Rudy Giuliani.

And in light of not getting a single dime out of the first district in campaign contributions, he heads west to find someone, anyone to endorse him. And who does he decide would make a good endorsement? An independent who's only endorsements in the past have been for two Democrats and a liberal Republican.

And now Rob isn't even willing to speak to the press to pretend he's a conservative. It's downright shameful.

One says goodbye, another hello

Tim Barker left the first district race yesterday with little more fanfare than a Google News Alert from the Pratt newspaper. Barker said that family obligations had become too much for him to effectively campaign. According to the Pratt Tribune article, Barker isn't endorsing anyone else in the race just yet.

As Barker says goodbye, another guy says hello. Monte Shadwick of Salina entered the race with even less fanfare than Barker left. Shadwick is a former mayor of Salina and city commissioner. He is a self described former field representative for Rep. Jerry Moran and says he want to see as little government as possible. Although the article doesn't come right out and say so, it appears he is describing himself as a conservative. Gee, not enough of those in the race, right?

More on Monte as I come across it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

BREAKING: Barker to withdraw tomorrow

Big political news in the first district today as it was learned Tim Barker is set to withdraw from the first district congressional race tomorrow. Tim Huelskamp apparently spoke with Barker earlier today and has the following statement posted on his website.
Earlier today, I spoke with Tim on the phone and he shared with me the news that he was exiting the Congressional race, and that his mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Tim was a worthy opponent, and I congratulate him for his willingness to enter the arena and to be a participant in the political process. And he also brought something important to this race which I wish more political leaders shared with Tim and I -- small business experience.

Our prayers are with Tim and Kelli as they go through this difficult time.

I'm truly sorry to hear of Barker's mother's disease. I have experienced family with Alzheimer's before and it's a horrible disease. Perhaps there's nothing worse that loosing your very memories of years past and failing to recognize those who are closest to you.

I'm sure there will be more news tomorrow.