Thursday, January 22, 2009

Got proof?

Did a quick check of the Wasinger website just now. I'm still not seeing all those pro-life endorsements. What's up Rob? Why hide? I'm sure Kansans are just waiting for people who have never been to Kansas to tell them how to vote.

Got proof? Email

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Been there, done that

I was checking out Rob's website this evening to see if he had been able to produce anymore photo's of himself (none so far), when instead I was greeted with this headline: "Rob first to sign Taxpayer Protection Pledge"

Now, I'm not the hottest french fry in the happy meal, but this struck me as rather odd considering Sen. Huelskamp has been in office since January of 1997 and has voted on countless budgets, tax increases and cuts.

How disingenuous, no, I'm sorry, how deceitful of Mr. Wasinger to say that he is the first to sign the taxpayer pledge knowing that not only did Sen. Huelskamp sign a taxpayer pledge when taking office, but being fully aware of all he has done for the hardworking taxpayers of Kansas. And how did Rob vote? Oh, that's right, he has no record!

So not only was Sen. Huelskamp the absolute first to sign a pledge to protect the Kansas taxpayer (unlike the lie Mr. Wasinger is peddling on his website), he's met and exceeded the expectations of voters.

Sen. Huelskamp scored a 100% during the 2008 legislative session with the Kansas Taxpayers Network and has a lifetime rating of 98.1%, the highest of any state Senator! And Mr. Wasinger's rating? Oh, that's right, he has no record!

So while Rob may think voters will find it impressive he can sign his name on a piece of paper, I have complete faith knowing that Republican voters know the difference between wannabe's and the real deal.

PS - In fairness to those rabid Barker people who seem to think a former Democrat is the same thing as a lifelong conservative Republican like Pat Roberts, he also has no record, other than being a Democrat for years.

PSS - Many thanks to Dirt Diver Kansas for the photo. I'm just a little upset I didn't think of it first.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kansas Jackass: The besty of the lefty, straight from my parents basement

Well, I've been graced with criticism from a Democrat. I'm shocked. (Cue the sarcasm.)

Of course, those in the know are aware that
Kansas Jackass is a hold over from Boyda Bloc. The author is rather liberal in their views. I know, it's shocking they're (oh, wait, WERE) a Boyda supporter because she moderate.

In any case, I admit I enjoy reading our liberal 'friends' blog, which is updated several times throughout the day. Hey!
Don't judge me, even conservatives have a sense of humor. And what better to laugh at than a liberal who's hero just lost re-election?

But unfortunately, I simply can't compete.

My liberal friend is able to update their blog several times a day. And I don't blame them. If I had the benefit of some hijacked WiFi, an unemployment check and my parents basement, I'd write something here 3 million times a day too.

But alas, I work for a living. And I go to school. So, I simply won't be able to compete.

In any case, please keep on truckin' KJ. Even though I may fail, I'll still do my best to give you ample material. (Lynn Jenkins,
Lynn Jenkins, Lynn Jenkins, Lynn Jenkins, Lynn go KJ, go and write like the wind!!!)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hutch News nails Wasinger, Barker

I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I scanned the headline.

Pair vying for Moran seat must boost ties" the headline proclaimed.

Uhhh, yea think McFly?

Well, apparently one out of the "pair" doesn't.
Wasinger pointed out that Kansas has a history of sending people to Congress who have gained experience on Capitol Hill and then have run for office. He cited the example of U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan, who was an aide before representing the 1st Congressional District.
Okay, wait, just hold up a second. So, Rob, you're telling me that Pat Roberts played musical chairs with his voter registration right up to the time he filed to run for office? And that voters were okay with that?

How about we try putting some truth on, hmmmm? I know that'd be a change for you. Roberts has always been a life long Kansan and traveled back whenever possible.

Now, let's take a look at you. You've traveled back long enough to register to vote in Hays, at your aunt's house, who, by the way, just happens to be a Democrat. But you didn't bother to bring along your wife and nine kids?

I've always been told home is where the heart is. Is your heart in Washington Rob or in Kansas? Or is it in Kansas just long enough to get a meal ticket back to Washington where it'll reside permanently?

As much as I enjoyed that, I think my favorite part was this:
Barker, 30, of Pratt, was a registered Democrat before switching parties on Aug. 15, four months before his campaign filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission.
Oh come on. Is this guy serious? Sometimes I look at politicians and wonder if they just woke up one day and said, "You know, I think I'll run for office!" But I actually think that's what this guy did!

Okay, okay, to be fair, the guy saw the light and became a Republican. I've got to give him credit for that.
But to then turn around and decide to run for Congress in the big first district? Oh come on! And as much as it blew me away that a reporter actually did Research (with a capital R), the guy got off easy. (More on that later.)

Let's face it, in a general election, being a Republican isn't going to win you the election. But in a primary? Well, it does help a little.

And before Wasinger and Barker start whining, let's point out that Huelskamp got mentioned once, at the very end, with nothing about his ties to Kansas (which when compared to Wasinger and Barker would be like comparing the "M" volume of the encyclopedia to a Dr. Seuss book.)

562 days til primary election day. I can't wait!