Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tracey Mann Attacks Jerry Moran?

Two years after attacking Senator Pat Roberts with a $500 donation to liberal Democrat Jim Slattery, Tracey Mann has now turned his fire toward Congressman Jerry Moran, too.

According to a recent article from The Clay Center Dispatch:

"Tracey Mann, one of seven candidates seeking Jerry Moran's seat in the US House of Representatives, says Kansas doesn't need another politician representing them."

Judging by that sentence, Mann clearly doesn't believe Kansas needs another "politician" like Jerry Moran representing us in the U.S. Senate. And (I'm guessing) Mann probably doesn't think a "politician" like Sam Brownback should be governor, either ...

(Okay -- the truth is that Mann doesn't really believe the politicians are the problem. You see, while Mann criticizes "politicians," he's the one who's actually playing a cynical political game here. Polls, no doubt, tell him that the public is distrustful of "politicians." And so what would a shrewd and manipulative politician do when polls tell him that citizens hate politicians? ... You guessed it -- attack "politicians"!)

To be sure, Mann's stance is both calculated and hypocritical. Does Mann really expect us to believe that state senators in Topeka are "politicians", while the Congressmen and Senators serving us in Washington, DC aren't??? Speaking of which, someone should tell Tracey that Jerry Moran was a STATE SENATOR before he became a Congressman. Sounds like pretty good preparation to me…

... It's fun to watch cheezy politicians like Tracey Mann get themselves in trouble like this. I'm sure Jerry Moran's not going to like seeing that Tracey Mann is bashing him like this.

The Wichita Eagle blog summed up Mann's conundrum quite nicely:

“How long can the Republican candidates in both the 1st and 4th Congressional District races bash the status quo without having a harsh word for the retiring incumbents?”

(Answer: Not one more minute...)

I am calling on Tracey Mann to finally "man-up" and stop attacking Kansas' loyal public servants like Jerry Moran and Sam Brownback!