Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wasinger paid $92,000 for five months of "work?"

Kansas Meadowlark recently published an article about documents he discovered during a trip to Washington D.C. One of those was a financial disclosure form filed by Rob Wasinger where he shows $92,000 in salary from a Magellan Group LLC in Hays, Kansas.

Magellan Group is registered with the Kansas Secretary of State whose website lists Rob's aunt, Marilyn Wasinger, as the Resident Agent. The site also lists her address as the contact address for the Magellan Group. This is the same home address that Rob used to register to vote in November 2008. It was the first time Rob had voted in Kansas.

What kind of business is Rob's aunt running out of her home that they can afford to pay Rob $92,000 salary? What kind of work is Rob doing to draw so much money in addition to his salary as Sen. Brownback's Presidential campaign manager and Chief of Staff? Maybe Rob did some yard work for his aunt while staying with her and using her address to vote in Kansas for the first time? I don't know if that's a $92,000 job though.

The Magellan Group has no website and there's absolutely no mention of them in the Yellow Pages. What exactly do they do that they're able to pay Rob so well?

And it looks like that $92,000 isn't even for a full years work. The company just registered with the Kansas Secretary of State on August 7th of last year. So it looks like Rob got a cool $92,000 for just under five months of "work."

Was Magellan Group set up as a shell corporation so Rob could skim money off the top somewhere else and pay his bills? After all, what small start up company run out of someone's home can afford to pay an employee $92,000 for five months worth of work? And from what his campaign is putting out, he's not doing much else these days.

Whatever the Magellan Group does or sells I don't think I'm buying. With that kind of salary over five months I doubt I could afford their product.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the MARILYN WASINGER who is referenced in this story the same MARILYN WASINGER who is the campaign treasurer for Rob Wasinger? http://www.robwasinger.com/s/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=185:wasinger-announces-leadership-team&catid=45:pressrelease&Itemid=116

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't that a coincidence? Now I wonder where she got all that cash to pay Wasinger? Perhaps a campaign account...

Anonymous said...

Yawn. A cowardly pansy who won't sign his name on anything he writes is a bit jealous, eh?

Anonymous said...

Jealous? seriously, that's the best you can do?

come on, even if farmer joe is jealous (of what, the easy money?), that doesn't explain why Rob's treasurer hired him nor explain what he did for that nice chunk of change.

let me take a wild guess at it: favorite aunt wants to help Robbie buy a house in KS (cause you know, he's going to need that house in, Viriginia, right?, once he's in congress)... so, she sets up a private company and hires Robbie for something (taking out the trash maybe?) and pays him what he needs for the KS House. She avoids a gift tax, he gets the cash he needs. It's a win for the whole family.

You got a better story?

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, having an actual job where you do work is probably a better way to make money then by packing up the car and driving as many miles possible for reimbursenent like small shoes Timmy...I mean farmer joe does.. Yeah, a real job usually pays a little better.

Anonymous said...

A real job?

You mean pseudo-legal activities while serving as Chief of Staff to a lawmaker?

Remember Wassinsiders, if you are on the staff of a legislator, your available side jobs are regulated.

Anonymous said...

Tim: Let me educate you a bit. I know this might be tough for you to handle, as we all know that you art thou the "over-educated one."

I know you've been too busy hanging out with career politicians like yourself at the Ritz Carlton in Washington to notice, but Rob has been busy, you know, actually going out to meet with voters in the 1st District of Kansas. Let me take this time to remind you, ultimately this race will be won by who gets the most votes, not who can be best friends with Barbara LaHaye.

Now, one of the benefits of going out and campaigning is that you get earned media. Now, I know you are use to paying for your media, or should I say, paying the serial loser wife of those who provide you with good media. But earned media is when you make it into the newspaper. No, not the Washington Post or Roll Call you've grown so accustomed to reading each morning, but newspapers that 1st District voters actually read.

I know they don't deliver the Emporia Gazette in the Ritz Carlton, so you probably missed this story: http://www.emporiagazette.com/news/2009/apr/22/exaide_brownback_seeks_morans_seat_congress/

Now, I am not quite sure how you missed it considering they must have wifi at the uppity Ritz, otherwise, how would author this blog?

So, not quite sure how you missed it.

But anyway, there is a key line in this story: "I’m treating the campaign as a full-time job,” Wasinger said, adding that he also has a “small public affairs group on the side.”

Now, I know as a rogue career politician that you might not understand that in the private sector, if you work hard, you earn money. And Rob has a job in the private sector, in public affairs.

I know you might also be wondering, but how does he make that much? You see, unlike yourself, Rob -- hmmm, over-educated himself, if I may -- on a RANGE of issues, not just one issue. So he is able to give advice on many an issue to many a client.

I know that the private sector is hard to comprehend for a career politician, so I am glad that I could be of service to you, all knowledgeable one. Enjoy the Ritz! And please, by all means, stay awhile.

Anonymous said...

Boys, can't we settle this with pistols or something?

farmerjoe said...

I'm sorry, but that third comment is golden.

"Yawn. A cowardly pansy who won't sign his name on anything he writes is a bit jealous, eh?"Signed...anonymously...

Simply golden...

Anonymous said...

Many take issue with the revolving door between public office and the private sector. But Wassy took it to a new low.

Chief of Staff, interim Presidential campaign manager (who supposedly is versed "on a RANGE of issues" yet choked) all at the same time working a side job; it's called lobbying.

Rather than wait til Brownback fired him and rise up as a lobbyist, Wassy decided to try his hand at both. But they aren't parallel.

It's called an ethics violation dear Franciscan children.

Anonymous said...

An impressive resume. Now, what do you have on yours besides interests: taking pictures of little kids?

Anonymous said...

You sound like such a liberal, crying about how much money someone else makes. But I guess when your life has been reduced to reading a blog that nobody reads (do a google search, it is far, far, far back in the rankings) and taking pictures of little kids, if this is what gives you a woody, whatever. To each his own.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought Earl was supposed to be good researcher, but he really dropped the ball on this one. Rob left his position of chief of staff before the papers for the group were filed. These accusations are libel and should result in a lawsuit. Earl's man-crush on Huelskamp really clouded his judgment/ability to think on this one... You know Huelskamp and his cronies are desperate when they are begging Kansas Jackass to pick up this non-story. Even KJ has said in the past, good for Rob for making money! Guy has 9 kids. Its called the free market baby, and apparently Earl is simply just jealous.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I don't think the made up timeline that Wassy would lie about is the point.

The issue is that he got paid for lobbying by a fake company that is based out of his aunt's home, the same home that he lied about living in, and voting from.

I'm surprised Wassy doesn't try to pull voting from, running a lobbying front from, and saying he and his large family live in . . .a PO Box.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Tim. You know Wasinger doesn't live in a PO Box. You were seen taking pictures of his kids on his property!

Wow, Tim has really lost it this time.