Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Huckabee coming to Kansas for Huelskamp

Sen. Tim Huelskamp reported nearly $80,000 in contributions this quarter. That's a rather healthy amount, but no where close to the amounts raised by Mann and Barnett. He has around $235,000 on hand, which still competes with any candidate in the race. The number isn't shocking and is rather expected, right in line with his last report.

The number of unitemized contributions continues to be quite impressive at over $25,000. Those are folks that he can continue to tap again and again for contributions. Most itemized contributions came from Kansas, although I didn't look at it that closely. The amount of money he's been able to raise from the first district is just simply amazing. I'm shocked there's that much out there.

The big news is former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee coming to Kansas to headline a fundraiser for Huelskamp at Hutchinson. You can see some coverage here, here and here. Huckabee overwhelmingly won the Kansas Presidential caucus and will be a big name event for Huelskamp. That's in addition to endorsements from two former Kansas gubernatorial candidates. More on that later.

Still nothing from Wasinger. I'll put up the pie charts later this week along with some cash on hand and other analysis from this quarter and totals to date.


Anonymous said...

I love the spin. "$80,000 is expected." and just a few days ago it was, "oh my God we met our fundraising goals!!!" Nice to know Tim keeps his goals pretty low.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Two events at the Ritz-Carlton in one week and no donations? What happened?

Anonymous said...

Wasinger numbers are out. Not good. Spent a ton. 4th place cash on hand.

Anonymous said...

Huckabees endorsement of Huelskamp is hilarious when you consider he also endorsed Dick Kelsey in Wichita! Tim are you going to give away a free vacation too? HA!

Anonymous said...

Attack Huckabee. Good plan.