Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Huelskamp shows off a well rounded conservative record with GOA endorsement

Sen. Tim Huelskamp was endorsed by the influential group Gun Owners of America earlier today. The group cited Huelskamp's strong second amendment record in the Kansas Senate as it's basis for making the endorsement.
“With the anti-gun forces on the march, it is more important than ever to elect Congressmen who have a proven track record of voting to defend the Second Amendment,” said Tim Macy, Vice Chairman of the Gun Owners of America. “Time and again, Senator Huelskamp has shown by his votes and his leadership that he is willing to take tough stands in defense of our Second Amendment right to bear arms. On behalf of Gun Owners of America, I am honored to make this endorsement.”
It's just another impressive endorsement from a wide range of conservative personalities and organizations that have lined up behind Sen. Huelskamp. In addition to support from national names like Mike Huckabee and Ken Blackwell, Huelskamp has also gained endorsements from former Kansas Speaker of the House Robin Jennison, former Kansas Gubernatorial candidate Ken Canfield, Kansans for Life, pro-marriage forces and taxpayer advocates. Today's GOA endorsement adds second amendment rights supporters to his repertoire.

GOA also highlights the most glaring difference among the six candidates in the first district race: a consistently conservative voting record. I'm sure it was refreshing for GOA to see a candidate running to his voting record rather than away from it. Or in the case of some first district candidates, trying to fabricate a 'voting record' out of thin air vis-a-vis their old job.

With such a broad coalition of supporters, Sen. Huelskamp's campaign looks stronger by the day.

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