Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is new Barnett health plan really Sebelius-care II?

Jim Barnett hit the campaign trail today to unveil his new health plan. Unfortunately he didn't get the memo that Wichita is in the fourth district, not the first which he says he wants to represent. Maybe he should have called campaign headquarters in Missouri for directions.

A press release today from the Huelskamp campaign beautifully highlights the misplaced priorities of Jim Barnett.
"We are disappointed to see the Wichita Eagle reporting that Senator Barnett has chosen to unveil his first major issue coalition outside The Big First District. We hope this story is not accurate."

"Fundraising outside the district is one thing -- but I've never seen a candidate campaign outside the district before. Ultimately, citizens of The Big First deserve a Congressman who will think of them first, not merely as an afterthought. We are curious to see if this decision means he may be considering another run for governor instead of Congress."
Maybe he should have checked in with his old rival/buddy Sebelius for some instructions on where he should go and what he should say.

Nothing yet on what exactly was in the plan announced at 1pm today in Wichita other than other "health care professionals to help advise his campaign" on what to say and do. I have a feeling there's going to be an awful lot of Sebelius-care redux in his plan, along with a healthy helping of government intervention and funding.

Health plan aside, somebody needs to send Barnett a memo that 1) Wichita isn't in his district and 2) Area code 816 is Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas. It's usually not such a brilliant idea to have your campaign headquarters in Missouri when you're running for a western Kansas district.

However I would have expected nothing less from the Barnett campaign. It's about the power, not the people, when Jim Barnett is running.

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Anonymous said...

If elected, I'm sure Barnett will return to his Kansas City home as often as he can.