Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One says goodbye, another hello

Tim Barker left the first district race yesterday with little more fanfare than a Google News Alert from the Pratt newspaper. Barker said that family obligations had become too much for him to effectively campaign. According to the Pratt Tribune article, Barker isn't endorsing anyone else in the race just yet.

As Barker says goodbye, another guy says hello. Monte Shadwick of Salina entered the race with even less fanfare than Barker left. Shadwick is a former mayor of Salina and city commissioner. He is a self described former field representative for Rep. Jerry Moran and says he want to see as little government as possible. Although the article doesn't come right out and say so, it appears he is describing himself as a conservative. Gee, not enough of those in the race, right?

More on Monte as I come across it.

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