Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Video: Barnett, Sebelius and ObamaCare

This is one of those videos I wish I could take credit for creating, but alas all I can do is pass it along after finding it in my google search.

Jim Barnett's "prescription for prosperity" and his prescribing past in the Kansas Senate seem to be two different things, and I don't think the first district is interested in voting for either one of them. That of course, assumes he'll eventually discover where the district is to try and sell it.

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Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Barnett is calling in a favor from Sebelius, she will make sure he gets the Democratic nomination for Governor, he's switching parties by the way, and she will have made good on her end of their deal, which is why he's been so supportive of her and Obamacare.

I guess Barnett's pathetic Gubernatorial race from 2006 was just a setback to his dream of being Governor, whatever the cost.