Thursday, October 15, 2009

Huelskamp reports over $180K for third quarter

Sen. Tim Huelskamp posted significant fundraising numbers for the third quarter. In an email from the campaign Huelskamp reported receiving over $181,000 in contributions in the third quarter alone. Huelskamp showed just under $400,000 in cash on hand, putting him the drivers seat for the 2010 primary election.

Results from other candidates haven't been posted yet and no announcements from the campaigns have been made. Some of the questions to be answered later tonight are:
  • Will Jim Barnett correct his July quarterly report? The FEC reprimand cites an October 15 deadline.
  • Will Barnett lend himself substantial cash once again?
  • Will Rob Wasinger post any significant numbers? Will he once again falter in first district contributions?
According to the candidate himself, “How much money you can raise is not an indication of what kind of campaign you will run, or what kind of Congressman you will be, but it is a measurement of how hard the candidate is working. These numbers show we’re taking this race seriously."

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Anonymous said...

So, does this mean Huelskamp has been traveling to New York, New Jersey, California, etc. to receive contributions?