Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

A Happy Anniversary is due to Rob Wasinger today.

November 4, 2008 was the first day Rob Wasinger voted in the first district of Kansas! If Rob had been just a little bit quicker coming back to Kansas to run for office, he could have voted in the Republican primary as well. So next year will not only be Rob's first time voting in a Kansas Republican primary, but it'll be his first time on the ballot too!

During Rob's first year, he's managed to go two full reporting cycles without a single itemized contribution from the first district, the area he wants to represent in Congress. Since then, Wasinger has only been able to gain 33 contributors. That's in comparison to 209 for Tim Huelskamp. This of course is all the more puzzling since the Wasinger for Congress campaign continues to send out emails claiming over 100 first district supporters. Are these supporters in name only?

Either way, congratulations to Rob Wasinger for making it one full year of voting in Kansas. I'm sure lifelong voters in Kansas will look favorably on the only voting record you have!


Anonymous said...

Mr Huelskamp why are you bragging about all your donations from lobbyists in Topeka and Kansas city?

Anonymous said...

And then there were three???

Anonymous said...

Somehow you've managed to miss the voting years Rob spent on staff with the Kansas state senate and the additional years later spent on staff with Governor Graves. Then again, maybe you didn't miss them but merely chose to convenienntly over-look them. This was a dishonest slam.

Anonymous said...

Pass the tissue.

Rob spent a mere months working in Kansas, and didn't vote.

He registered and voted in Virginia while living there.

It is dishonorable for Rob to lie, and for you to support him.

Anonymous said...

you really love this whole going negative thing...hows that working for yah? I am pretty sure most people will read this and realize that since you have no stool to stand on your only source of credibility is to attack your opponents. After all Huelskamp you spend you nights making ridiculous blog posts as if this is going to win you an election. People in Kansas want to see you actually doing something... get it?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you hit a nerve, how surprising that Rob wants you to stop pointing out the truth.

Please don't make me look bad. . . I have 9 reasons why you have to be nice to me.

Anonymous said...

[[In case you missed it]]

Kerr said Huelskamp wasn't a constructive member of the Ways and Means Committee.

[[because apparently, you most certainly did miss it]]

Anonymous said...

Kerr said Huelskamp wasn't "constructive" and they printed that?

That's not exactly news to anyone in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Brownback said Wasinger isn't electable in Kansas.