Saturday, February 27, 2010

How a Virginia Cardinal becomes a Kansas Meadowlark

After Rob expanded his 69 county tour to northern Virginia, I thought I do a few FEC searches to find out just how much it costs to turn a Virginia Cardinal into a Kansas Meadowlark. Turns out not that much at all.
Genevieve Nowolinski, Fairfax Station, VA - $750 - Kansas Meadowlark
James Ruggieri, Fairfax Station, VA - $2,300 - Kansas Meadowlark
One would think that Committee names such as Meadowlark and Sunflower would probably speak for themselves. I guess "Kansas" had to be added to clarify for the donors just where their money was going.

Too bad not all of the committee members had donated to the Wasinger campaign. I guess we'll have to wait until April to find out how much it cost them to become Golden Wheat. I'm sorry, Kansas Golden Wheat.

Oddly, it costs the same amount to change a Virginia Dogwood into a Kansas Sunflower.

Theresa Branch, Fairfax Station, VA - $2,300 - Kansas Sunflower

If I was a Sunflower I'd be asking why my money wasn't good enough to make me into a Meadowlark. I'm sorry, a Kansas Meadowlark.

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Anonymous said...

Is that Rob's family in the picture? He has a very large and beautiful family.