Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wasinger campaign suffers from amnesia... again

In case anyone was at home sitting on pins and needles, just waiting to see what Rob Wasinger’s reaction to the Obama Energy Tax would be, they found their answer in a February 12 press release.

The best part of the press release was the last paragraph, which is a real whopper: “To learn more about the proposed taxes on the energy industry, please visit Americans for Tax Reform. Wasinger was the first candidate to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.”

Rob Wasinger (or whoever writes his press releases) clearly suffers either from illusions of grandeur or has a frighteningly severe case of amnesia. Only a small amount of research would yield that Tim Huelskamp signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge 13 years ago! On Huelskamp’s website, Karl Peterjohn, former Executive Director of the Kansas Taxpayer’s Network, makes this same observation when he endorsed Huelskamp.

What’s more, Huelskamp didn’t just sign the pledge, he was named Chairman of the Kansas Taxpayer Protection Caucus in 2005. And to add insult to injury, Huelskamp even touted his signing of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in his state senate commercials in some of his past campaigns.

This is an inconvenient fact I've pointed out at least twice before and clearly his supporters monitor my blog, so he has to be aware that he is lying. So does Rob just not care that he's sending out press releases that tell a lie or is it being done on purpose?

It's just sad. All he'd have to do is take out the word "first" and the release would have been factually correct. But Rob just can't seem to get that done.

That said, there is an even larger point worth making; not only did Tim Huelskamp take the Taxpayer Protection Pledge 13 years ago, whereas Rob Wasinger took it less than 13 months ago, but Huelskamp has also kept his pledge to the voters. How many representatives or senators can say that over 13 years they've never cast a vote for a tax increase? Almost none.

So Rob, keep telling yourself that you signed this pledge first or that pledge first. One of your opponents has actually been walking the walk for more than a decade now. That’s gotta sting. What do you tell prospective voters? “If you vote for me, I’ll go represent you just as well as Huelskamp has?” That has to be a tough sell.


Anonymous said...

Jim Barnett is running away with this thing.

Anonymous said...

If you vote for me, I’ll go represent you just as well as Huelskamp has?” That has to be a tough sell.

As a long time Kansan, and someone who actually lives in Tim's district, I am honored to say that Tim does about as poor of a job representing us, as anyone ever could. He is rude, and thinks he knows everything. He doesn't ever even listen. Thank you "Right Kansas" for helping this guy, who won't work for us, and talks down to us like we are ingrates,try and get elected.

Furthermore, as the most "over-educated farmer" I think you should figure out things to help out Kansans here in Kansas as a state senator, before you further frustrate us who care. This isn't just a game for us, its our way of life.

Ed C