Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Huelskamp moves to the airwaves with first TV ad

The Huelskamp campaign launched the first TV ad in the first district with a reminder of Sen. Huelskamp's record on taxes and fiscal responsibility. The ad, titled “Tax Day,” runs 30 seconds in length and is a positive, issue-oriented profile of Senator Huelskamp and his record of fighting for lower taxes.
"Other candidates talk about opposing taxes, but Tim Huelskamp has a proven track record of fighting tax increases to prove it,” said Huelskamp spokesman David Ray. “That's why he won numerous awards for keeping taxes low and why the Club for growth has endorsed him.
Huelskamp has been building a war chest for some time now and it's refreshing to see him spending his campaign resources so wisely. Huelskamp is correct to size up this contest as a clash of records, mainly that he has a record of fighting for the taxpayer while Barnett has a record of fighting for more government control.

This ad nails the sentiment of so many voters in the first. There's a lot of politicians that talk the talk, but there's only one candidate in this race with a record of walking the walk.

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Anonymous said...

The ad buy is pretty paltry. Only $25k? Looks to me like he was trying to get others to spend their money and wasn't really serious about going up on air. Also, looks like he was trying to get some earned media off of it. Too bad no media in the first picked it up.

Miss Anonymous said...

Haha, little Timmy quite literally "phoned it in." Good luck with that when he goes to Washington!