Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Romney endorses Huelskamp, other Kansas Republicans

Former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney endorsed Sen. Tim Huelskamp today in the Big First District of Kansas. Romney's PAC, Free Strong American PAC, also announced it's support of Huelskamp.
“In tough economic times, we need leaders like Tim Huelskamp that understand that cannot tax our way to prosperity or spend our way out of debt. Tim Huelskamp will be a strong advocate for free enterprise in Congress, and I wholeheartedly support his candidacy.”
Huelskamp's Democratic opponent, Alan Jilka, has recently ramped up his criticism of Huelskamp while also trying to explain away his opposition of the Holcomb power plant. The only public poll released so far showed Sen. Huelskamp leading Democrat Jilka 65% to 23%.
“I’m pleased to have the support of Governor Mitt Romney, a man who knows that jobs are created by entrepreneurs in the private sector -- not by massive spending bills in Washington."

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