Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jilka claims pro-life label, refuses to back down on Obama Care

At a Salina candidate forum, Democrat Alan Jilka continued to claim a pro-life title while defending one of the most pro-abortion administrations the country has ever seen.

Jilka showed that he's clearly detached himself from reality, going so far to claim he was, "the only pro-life candidate in this race." Amazing? You bet when your Republican opponent is Sen. Tim Huelskamp.

Jilka has been trying to gain traction since the beginning of the race. A recent Survey USA poll showed Jilka struggling to gain even a quarter of the votes across the district.

At the forum, Jilka once again expressed his support for Obama Care, even though according to him, it wasn't perfect. Of course, what Jilka seems to not understand is that it was his party that had control of not only the Congress, but the Presidency as well. Shouldn't the public expect a perfect bill from your party when they are solely in control?

And in case you missed it, Jilka is finally racking up some endorsements of his own, most notably from somebody named Sebelius. Oh, yea, as in HHS Obama Care enforcer lore.

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