Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Barker's lawyer used to work for Wasinger's fund raising firm

It doesn't mean a thing when it comes to politics, but what a twist!

I'm sure many of you were wondering after the last post if Amy Blunt, Tim Barker's new lawyer, was related in any way to former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. He's listed as a candidate she did work for on the Lanthrop and Gage website. Well, as it turns out, she and Matt are brother and sister.

Of course, that little article really got me interested. The firm she registered to lobby for in 2005 was Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin. Doesn't that name sound familiar? Well, it should! Husch Blackwell Sanders was the law firm that just recently hosted a D.C. fund raiser for "conservative" Rob Wasinger! It also happened to be a firm that does work for the California Stem Cell Initiative, but you can read more about that here.

It looks as though the firm merged at some point into Husch Blackwell Sanders even though their new website doesn't say so. If you do a google search for "peper martin, kansas city" it returns a Google Map address for Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin which is the same as the Kansas City offices of Husch Blackwell Sanders.

It looks like Amy Blunt wasn't a lobbyist for long. After registering on 4/20/2005 she was terminated on 5/2/2006. But the good news is she's back, and now lobbying under the firm of Lanthrop and Gage as of 3/19/2008. She currently only has two clients.

What a twist that the lawyer Barker's now using used to do work for the same firm that's now doing D.C. fund raisers for Wasinger.


Anonymous said...

Barker used to be (very recently) a Democrat, his treasurer is a Democrat, Wasinger's aunt/treasurer is a Democrat (Don't forget she was his fake landlord that when lied about living in Hays).

So we have an Oklahoma Democrat insider paired up with a Missouri insider who worked for a firm that is hired by a lying, carpet-bagging, Washington insider.

Oh what a tangled web they weave.

The real question is if the attorney has an accountant that is also a Democrat and supports stem-cell research, while proclaiming to be a Kansan that's pro-life.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! What a twist! Breaking news!!!!!!!!!! I am going to post it into the tip line on Drudge!

Seriously, if this is how you spend your day... I feel bad for you.


farmerjoe said...

I spent less time tracking you down if that's what you mean.

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Sam Brownback endorses Rob Wasinger! Invites Wasinger to campaign with him.

Anonymous said...

You are such a badass for using statcounter.

farmerjoe said...

Please refrain from using that kind of language. I've removed it before. There's never a reason to go there.

Anonymous said...

That is SO honorable of you, considering you like to take pictures of little kids of an opposing candidate to scare them.

farmerjoe said...

Oh, you mean the ones Billy Valentine said I had posted here on the blog, right?

What about this post brought you back out? It was just a stupid coincidence that even I said at the beginning meant nothing. Why are you making such a big deal out of it? Why run your mouth like that?

You're making your candidate and Franciscan University look very bad. And I don't use statcounter. Yet something else you got wrong.

Anonymous said...

Why do you like taking pictures of little kids? That is so creepy, and you should go to jail for it.

Anonymous said...

Is is true that Tim Huelskamp had an event with a bunch of DC insiders at a posh Ritz Carlton today in Washington, DC?

How come Huelskamp spends all his time in Washington and not in Kansas?

How come nobody has heard of him outside his senate district?