Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wasinger holds fundraiser at stem-cell lobbying firm

Yesterday congressional candidate Rob Wasinger hosted a D.C. fund raiser for his campaign that is beginning to see signs of significant weakening. Wasinger was the candidate that ran out as quickly as he could to national pro-life leaders, seeking their endorsement as a way to marginalize his opponent and define himself as the only pro-life conservative.

So imagine my surprise when I got an email invitation to his D.C. fund raiser with an address listed for a lobbying firm that does work for the California Stem Cell Initiative. Of course, the invite didn't say that, several Google and searches told me that.

One of the hosts listed on the invitation is Steve Kupka. A quick search told me he was a lobbyist with Husch Blackwell Sanders LLC. Even though I wasn't able to find an address on the firm's website, a Google Map search of the firms name returned the same address as listed on Wasinger's invitation.

Another Google search revealed that the law firm had many clients, one of which was California Stem Cell Inc. On it's website it proudly proclaims it's mission.
California Stem Cell is focused on the production and supply of clinically relevant human cell populations, and their therapeutic application to human disease and injury.
Wow. The production and supply of human cell populations. How is this accomplished? What cells are being harvested? Embryonic cells? What kind of pro-life advocate is Wasinger, holding a fund raiser at a D.C. lobbying firm that helps the California Stem Cell initiative?

And let's not forget that Rob's for the little guy, the average Kansan. Because he understands us and what we need, after years on the east coast. And holding a D.C. fund raiser with D.C. lobbyists who advocate for embryonic stem cell research is what conservative Kansans in the first district want, right Rob?

It turns out
Husch Blackwell Sanders LLC has also given heavily to federal candidates in the Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska area, including Democrats Emanuel Cleaver, Dennis Moore, Nancy Boyda, Claire McCaskill and Dick Durbin. And on the flip side they've funded Sam Graves, Roy Blunt and other Republicans.

Why would a firm like that be interested in Rob? What could a firm that gives to both Democrats and Republicans want from a politician? Political favors? Is that what Rob meant when he said,
"as a former legislative assistant, legislative director, and chief-of-staff to Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), I know how to get things done in Congress." Is that how you get things done Rob?

I think Kansans are tired of the way you "get things done" Rob.

Does this mean Rob isn't pro-life? No, I'm not going to go that far. But as I've noted before, I don't believe conservatives will look to someone like D.C. Rob instead of the real McCoy Huelskamp. Just today Sen. Huelskamp was successful in passing through the House and Senate legislation that would defund Planned Parenthood. What has Rob done lately?

It's not about this particular incident, but the pattern that Rob has established of being a D.C. insider who is more interested in D.C. power than he is of furthering the interests of everyday, ordinary Kansans. That is the tragic story here.


Anonymous said...

Boo Hoo :(

Anonymous said...

Rob is a tool.

He will do anything to get elected.

Watch for him to start selling out his family members to raise some dough.

Anonymous said...

Interesting news. . .

Brownback slams Wasinger behind closed doors, then tells everyone he wont get involved in the 1st District Primary.

Brownback's silence may actually be good for Wasinger.