Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blackwell praises Huelskamp on

Ken Blackwell has an article up on highlighting Tim Huelskamp's effort to once again defund Planned Parenthood in Kansas.

The article entitled Champions of Life on the Rise also highlights Virginia's new Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who also lead the fight for pro-life legislation in Virginia and yet won a statewide office. It just goes to show doing the right thing can pay dividends.

Blackwell had this to say about Huelskamp's efforts:
Last year, Huelskamp pushed to de-fund Planned Parenthood. His Amendment (referred to as “The Huelskamp Amendment”) actually passed the Legislature but was vetoed by Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat.

But just as British Member of Parliament William Wilberforce vowed to introduce a bill banning the slave trade each year, Huelskamp seems determined to introduce his bill until it passes.

Aside from being conservative rising stars working at the state level, Huelskamp and Cuccinelli are both young Catholics. Both are also more than just “good votes” – they are Pro-Life legislative leaders in the mold of Sens. DeMint and Coburn and Rep. Pence.
Blackwell has endorsed Huelskamp in the first district race.

You can also see another
interview Huelskamp did with State of the State KS.

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Anonymous said...

Blackwell's name ID in Kansas is a little bit better than Tim's. This is a great pick-up for the team.