Tuesday, January 12, 2010

With three days to go, Barnett still a no show on amended report

With three days left until an FEC imposed deadline, Jim Barnett is still snubbing his nose at the people of Kansas.

The FEC recently sent the Barnett campaign a letter questioning several items in their third quarter finance report. Previously Barnett was able to file an amended report within several weeks fixing mistakes that gave the appearance the campaign had much less cash on hand than in reality. The error and subsequent fix displayed the campaign's stellar ability to recognize a mistake and fix it quickly.

The Barnett campaign has had no such desire to quickly answer an FEC request to provide the occupations and employers of donors. This is the second report Barnett has filed where donor information has been missing, in direct violation of FEC guidelines.

When does Jim Barnett plan to take the citizens of Kansas seriously?

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