Friday, September 17, 2010

Jilka goes soft on immigration while darting to the right on Holcomb

The Hays Daily News has an article up today on candidate Alan Jilka and his softening stance on immigration and a rather lame explanation of his opposition to the Holcomb power plant.

Jilka states that his stance on immigration has softened after a trip to the Mexican border this summer. Rather than looking at the problems illegal immigration causes in our country and state, Jilka has decided to look at the benefits, such as the myth of reduced labor costs and the like.
"And he (Huelskamp) is clearly oblivious to the economic effect that would have on the First District in general, and his state senate district in particular."
Jilka also contended that Huelskamp wants to simply deport every illegal immigrant. It's a position that apparently he's derived from Sen. Huelskamp's statement on his website regarding illegal immigration and his support for simply enforcing current laws.

It's interesting to note in that statement that the Huelskamp family has adopted two children from outside of the United States. It's outrageous for Jilka to say that Sen. Huelskamp simply hates immigrants, as he is implying, when they have personally taken it upon themselves to better the lives of children from outside the U.S.

My question is what has Mr. Jilka done in either his personal or professional life for immigrants in this country? Or is he only concerned with those that have chosen to break the law to be here? What does it say about someone wanting to represent the people, someone who will be sworn to uphold the Constitution and laws of our great country, saying that they should simply be ignored because of perceived economic reasons? What kind of integrity does such a person possess?

Instead of choosing to ignore his potential oath of office, why doesn't Mr. Jilka simply propose changes in the law so that it isn't being broken anymore? Is that too much to ask? What kind of candidate chooses to break an oath before it's even taken rather than stand for what they clearly believe in?

Jilka finishes with a "My bad" apology for his opposition to the Holcomb power plant. Apparently even though he voted for a resolution opposing the plant, since other, more level heads on the Salina City Council prevailed, and the resolution failed to pass, he shouldn't be held accountable for his actions.

While his concerns over water usage and the like have been alleviated, Jilka still failed to express outright support for the project. The First District can not afford to have a Representative that will not promote private sector employment at every turn. Alan Jilka has clearly signaled that the only employment that is acceptable to him is what he deems appropriate and not what his constituency deems appropriate.

A candidate without integrity, a candidate without ideas. That's clearly what Mr. Jilka has become.

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