Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jilka leads effort to stop Holcomb plant

A Friday article in the Hays Daily News outlines new information about Alan Jilka's efforts to stop the Holcomb power plant while mayor of the city of Salina.

In town to speak with Fort Hays State University ag students, Huelskamp noted there were many differences between Jilka and himself, noting Jilka's past opposition for the power plant.
"It's absolutely critical to having affordable electricity rates here in Kansas that we have that plant built. It's also a great economic boon to the whole (of) western Kansas. ... So I'm a strong supporter of that," Huelskamp said. "That's one thing I guess my Democratic opponent and I disagree on. When he was on the Salina City Commission ... he was helping lead the efforts to pass a resolution to stop the expansion."

The first district needs a Congressman that is willing to stand up for his district and promote economic development where ever it may be.

Alan Jilka is clearly not that candidate.

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