Saturday, April 11, 2009

The circle of campaign money

Now that I've established there are very few people who could have approved the use of Sen. Brownback's name to Catholic Advocate and that have also left since February 2008, let's also take a look at some of the connections between the parties involved.

First, searching for "Catholic Advocate" returns, which is apparently its website. The site also features articles from the Morley Institute, which were written by Deal Hudson. Hudson is also a $250 donor to Rob Wasinger and lists Morley Publishing Group as his employer.

It took a few reads, but I finally noticed the mailing house that Catholic Advocate used to mail the fund raising letter. HSP Direct.

HSP stands for Hogan, Schenk and Paul, the three executives in the company. Each gave the federal maximum $2,300 to Wasinger. And another search told me why they had been so generous.

HSP Direct has received over $200,000 worth of business from Sen. Brownback. The three partners also formed a PAC and donated $5,000 each. The only donation made by the PAC, according to, was to Brownback.

So, by following the money trail, it seems it becomes harder and harder to believe that Wasinger wasn't the staffer who approved the embarrassing fund raising letter.

Some points to consider:

First, Democrats should be very happy they don't have a candidate yet that I can look into.

Second, it would seem that while Rob likes to talk about how effective he is in Washington and how many people he knows, he's only been able to find a very short list of people to donate to his campaign outside of his connections to Sen. Brownback's office. More on that later.

And finally, Rob's connection to Catholic Advocate and it's founder, Deal Hudson, make it all the more confusing for me why he was been silent on the Sebelius nomination. The whole point of Catholic Advocate is to target politicians who have such a "deep personal Catholic faith" but then vote against or veto every piece of pro-life legislation that comes their way. It would seem to me that Sebelius could be the poster child for Catholic Advocate.

So why does Rob insist on remaining silent?


Steve said...

You still haven't corrected your misinformation about the difference between "campaign staff" and "Senate staff." The crux of your analysis hinges on that. Your credibility deteriorates with every post. Fortunately, judging by all the comments being left on your blog, your "reporting" isn't being widely read. Perhaps I should catch on and stop reading your feeble attempts to sully a good man's name in an effort to try and sell Huelskamp to voters who don't check the facts.

farmerjoe said...

Yes, many comments went bye bye after I posted an analysis of where they were coming from. You are correct.

After the connections shown between Rob, HSP, and Catholic Advocate, if you want to believe it was someone else who approved the use of the Senator's name, then go ahead. You obviously know Rob and support him and nothing I say will satisfy you. Believe what you want.

Anonymous said...

Well Said.