Monday, April 13, 2009

Sebelius shows once again she can't count

Gov. Sebelius has been caught once again lying about her finances. This time it involved campaign finances rather than personal income taxes.

The first person to break this story was the Kansas Meadowlark. In his post, he outlines the evidence behind her $26,000 mistake. You need to go give it a read if you haven't already. It provides much more detail and explanation than you'll find in today's AP story.

Also, you'll note there is an important aspect to the story that the AP story leaves out; the donations Tiller gave to Sebelius that were earmarked for her Insurance Commissioner race but had to be re-appropriated to her Governor's account because they were given after she filed for the Governor's race. So on top of the PAC contributions that she ignored which is discussed quite nicely in the Topeka Capital-Journal story, there's more to it than just that.

What is Sebelius trying to hide? If Tiller is just someone who "provides a necessary health service", why be so secretive about how much campaign cash you got from him?

This again raises questions about the silence from Republicans on her nomination. How many "oversights" does she get? How many times does she get to lie before someone says something? Doesn't the public deserve a public discussion about her campaign ties to the most notorious abortionist in the world?

The next few hours and days will be interesting. So far the only MSM coverage I've seen is the Cap-Journal. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's the only MSM source that carries the story.

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