Monday, April 20, 2009

Are the mods folding? Yoder says 'revenue enhancements' needed

Are the mods folding? It doesn't seem like it just yet.

Rep. Kevin Yoder made a splash this afternoon when he suggested the Republican controlled Legislature might be willing to accept $150 million worth of proposals from the Governor. Those would include "suspending" certain tax cuts and eliminating other tax breaks the state automatically gives to businesses and others because it's tax laws are based on federal tax guidelines.

It's interesting to note here that the changes in federal tax laws that are hurting state revenues were passed by a Democrat Congress and signed into law by a Democrat President as a part of the stimulus bill. If the stimulus bill was so important to the health of the nation's economy, why would Democrats in Kansas try to stop those effects here in Kansas? Do they disagree with their Washington counterparts are to the effectiveness of the stimulus plan?

Don't say the mods have caved yet. Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt noted that even with the "revenue enhancements" there's still a heck of gap to be closed. (Revenue "enhancements." I love PC talk! If you guys wanted to be really PC you'd call it "revenue stabilization." Just watch, it'll catch on!)

The short fall is around $330 million but that doesn't include something left in the bank. And that doesn't take into account state revenues continuing to fall. So don't think that other tax increases are off the table just yet.

On the other hand, don't think the mods have caved. I think the party, if you'll pardon the pun, is just getting started.


Jason said...

Why "Democrat Congress" Farmer Joe? Why be that childish?

farmerjoe said...

Sorry, I don't get how that's childish. Congress is controlled by Democrats and the President is a Democrat. And they passed a stimulus bill that, according to Democrats here, is hurting state revenues. So now Democrats here want to change state tax laws so Kansans can be stimulated at the federal level do you say this...un-stimulated (??) at the state level. I'm just wondering if Kansas Democrats have decided that the stimulus bill passed by federal Democrats wasn't right for Kansas, that's all.

Miss Anonymous said...


It's called the "Democratic Party," not "Democrat Party," and you know it. Jason is correct. You're engaging in childish behavior. But it's what we've come to expect from modern-day "Republicans." It's sad how low your party has sunk over the years. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

You're offended by Democrat? Good God, get over yourself.