Thursday, April 23, 2009

KS-04: My Republican pick

As I noted before, I think the eventual Democrat nominee for the fourth district will be state Rep. Raj Goyle. There are some other names that could possibly come up, but if Democrats in the Wichita area have even a lick of sense, they'd go with Goyle.

As an ACLU lawyer, Goyle has quite a record and some interesting friends. But I certainly wouldn't underestimate his fund raising power and thus his electability. Republicans would need a strong candidate to successfully compete.

I would like to see state Rep. Kasha Kelley get in the race. Kelley has shown herself to be a leader on fiscal issues, something that's going to be key to winning in the fiscal climate our state is heading towards. Kelley was also instrumental in getting KanView created. She's solidly pro-life and hasn't shyed away from taking on the educrats either. In my opinion, she's the most well balanced candidate.

Plus, she's not that bad looking either! Whether I like it or not, that's important in today's political world.

Kelley is a smart politician who knows what it takes to win. She would be more effective in pointing out Goyle's ACLU ties and his previous votes in the House than other possible candidates. She hasn't shown herself to be a stellar fund raiser, but that's certainly something that can be fixed with the right people on her team.

Overall, Kelley is the "darkhorse candidate" I'd like to see get in the race. Even if she doesn't, she's a rising star that I doubt will remain in the House forever.


Miss Anonymous said...

Are you kidding??? Kasha Kelley didn't even have the courage to take Greta Goodwin on last year, and Miss Anonymous knows as fact that Kelley was looking at that Senate seat.

In any case, Kelley's dad probably doesn't have the money to fund a congressional race the way he funds her while she's in the Kansas House.

farmerjoe said...

See, I told ya the liberals would scream!

I'll take your word on the Senate seat because I don't know anything about it. And as I said, the financing would be something that would have to be improved.

Miss Anonymous said...


In this and the last two posts on the 4th District race, you have displayed a stunning lack of knowledge and insight into the "who's who" and "what's what" of that district. Stick to the 1st, where you might know a little more. It's clear you're out of your depth when talking about the 4th.

PS: I didn't "scream," I laughed. I mean really - Kasha Kelley? Congress?

farmerjoe said...

Yes ma'am, I'll get right on that!