Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Huelskamp picks up two more endorsements

It looks like Sen. Huelskamp has picked up two more endorsements, Phil Burress and Colin Hanna. Burress heads Citizens for Community Values and Hanna is president of Let Freedom Ring USA.

I'll copy the release below. I thought the note at the end was interesting. Personal endorsement and not an organizational endorsement must be the anti-Wasinger move. Take note Rob, this is how you promote yourself without misleading voters and potential donors.
Two leaders in the Pro-marriage and Pro-family movement -- Phil Burress and Colin Hanna -- announced today their endorsements for Tim Huelskamp for Congress (KS-01)

An influential conservative leader who heads the Citizens for Community Values, CBN News' David Brody recently described Phil Burress as, "one of the key guys in the room when James Dobson, Tony Perkins and others gather to discuss key social issues."

Colin Hanna is president of Let Freedom Ring USA and is co-chair of the influential "Weyrich Conservative Luncheon" -- a weekly-gathering of key conservative leaders in Washington, DC.

"I am proud to endorse a proven and experienced leader like Tim Huelskamp -- who authored the Kansas Marriage Amendment and spearheaded its passage," said Burress.

Hanna noted that, "We need leaders like Tim Huelskamp in Congress as we seek to protect the Defense of Marriage Act that Bill Clinton signed into law back in 1996."

"Phil Burress and Colin Hanna are both influential national conservative leaders,and I am honored to have received their support for Congress," said Huelskamp.

Huelskamp continues to accumulate conservative endorsements at an impressive clip. Burress and Hanna join Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Kansans for Life, Concerned Women for America PAC, Rev. Lou Sheldon, Family Research Council Senior Fellow Ken Blackwell, and Pro-Life Leader Jill Stanek, in endorsing Huelskamp for Congress.

While Huelskamp has received tremendous support from national conservative leaders, he is also enjoying tremendous support from Kansans. In addition to the Kansans for Life endorsement, 94% of Huelskamp's 1st quarter donations came from Kansas and 62% from the 1st district.

*Mr. Burress and Mr. Hanna are both endorsing in their private capacity and not on behalf of any organization.


Miss Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should stick to farming, or slopping pigs, or whatever it is you do.

"Personal endorsement and not an organizational endorsement must be the anti-Wasinger move.

It's not an anti-Wasinger move, Chucklehead, it's what's legally required. Both organizations are 501(c)(3) charities, and if they endorse candidates, the IRS will take away their tax-exempt status. The IRS should investigate them anyway, since they're making their endorsements under the color of their official positions with those non-profits. But I guess it's okay if you're a Republican, huh? Cheat away, boys!

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to know who these people are?

Anonymous said...

you don't know who they are? that's ok.

just don't cry when you realize that no one knows or cares who you are.

Anonymous said...

Other than Huckabee and Thompson, I've got no idea who any of these people are.

Jason said...

No, really, who are these people? I mean, endorsements are lovely, but only if they're people of whom people have heard.