Friday, April 24, 2009

Sebelius vote set for Tuesday

A vote on Sebelius has been set for Tuesday, one day before the full Legislature returns to attempt an override of her veto of better abortion regulations. I doubt that date was chosen at random. Waiting any longer will only put her nomination in further trouble. If the Legislature would happen to override her veto (which I don't think will happen), she'd be in more trouble. Right now, Sebelius says she has the votes to win confirmation. I doubt that will change by Tuesday.

Sen. Pat Roberts looks like he will still vote for confirmation. Sen. Sam Brownback looks as though he's still going to vote to confirm as well, although it certainly isn't going over well with the pro-life community.

I certainly don't want to see Sebelius confirmed to the HHS post. She's proven herself over and over again to be nothing more than a pro-abortion radical beholden to George Tiller even when she's getting ready to leave the state. I can only imagine the paybacks she'll have to hand out as HHS Secretary.

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