Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sebelius vetoes abortion regulations

After "reviewing" an abortion bill for several weeks, Gov. Sebelius finally did today what she wanted to do the moment the bill hit her desk -- veto it.

Sebelius said she vetoed the bill because it allowed patients to later sue a doctor over a botched abortion or because of a coerced abortion. Isn't it nice to know Sebelius is for tort reform when it comes to killing live babies? I wonder how her trial lawyer financiers will react to her taking business away from them?

Even though a vote on Sebelius as HHS Secretary has been delayed until next week, it seems she's confident enough in her chances to go ahead and veto the bill. It seems she's also confident in her ability to choral Democrats in the House to sustain her veto.

In nearly seven years in office, Sebelius has only signed one pro-life bill into law, which was just recently during her Senate confirmation hearings.

The idea that a patient shouldn't be able to hold their physician accountable simply because of which procedure is being performed is quite the double standard. With a veto session coming up next week, we'll see if that veto stands. It's possible a veto override attempt could come within days of her Senate vote next week, making for some interesting news.


Miss Anonymous said...

FarmerJoe, seriously, go back to farming. You keep making completely ridiculous and uninformed comments on your blog, and it's making you (and your pal, Timmy Huelskamp) look like an idiot. This time, you claim Sebelius hasn't signed so-called "pro-life" bills into law before this year.

You're wrong.

Two years ago, Governor Sebelius signed "Alexa's Law," which redefines a fetus as a separate human being for the purposes of prosecuting certain violent crimes. Everyone in the Legislature, everyone in the anti-choice crowd, everyone who works to preserve women's rights to make their own choices, knew that this bill was a trojan horse that is going to be used to start hanging other anti-choice legislation on.

farmerjoe said...

Are you really that radical that you don't consider unborn children which the parents want to be human enough to be prosecuted?

And if it was a trojan horse, then there's more than 30 states where that horse can be ridden, as well as federal law.

Miss Anonymous said...


I think you missed Miss Anonymous' point. You accuse Sebelius of never signing a "pro-life" bill prior to her nomination to HHS. My point is this: You're wrong, and I've shown you where you're wrong. If you want to debate Alexa's Law, fine, start a new thread on it. But for now, Miss Anonymous has things to do - you know, a job and all that.