Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dennis Moore needs a lesson from James Bond

Congressman Dennis Moore needs to take a lesson from James Bond and synchronize his national debt clocks.

Moore's official website displays a national debt of over $11 trillion, but his campaign website, which was last updated who knows when, shows a national debt clock stopped at around $10 trillion. It looks like Moore doesn't even bother to go to the trouble of explaining why he has a national debt clock on his campaign website in the first place.
"We must change our budgeting practices that will put our future generations deeply in debt. Tough choices must be made, but if Kansas families have to live within a budget, and it’s time the federal government did as"
As...what? Were you planning on finishing that thought there bud, or was that a conscious stop knowing that you've participated heavily in making sure the federal government doesn't budget like a family.

There's no date on Moore's campaign website debt clock, but the national debt surpassed $10 trillion around October of last year. So that means since Moore got re-elected, the national debt has gone up just over $700 billion. Of course, this can't include the stimulus because the stimulus by itself was more than $700 billion!

$700 billion since November means Dennis Moore has managed to accumulate $2,343 of debt for every man, woman and child in the US in just under six months. For those that care, that's just over $9,300 for a family of four.

Hey, thanks for putting up those debt clocks "Double 0 Moore!" But do us a favor and don't put up another one. I don't think we can afford it!

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