Monday, April 13, 2009

Huelskamp leads in the endorsement race

Kansas Liberty notes tonight that Sen. Huelskamp leads in the endorsement race. Even though opponent Rob Wasinger started off the firestorm of early endorsements with anonymous comments regarding some national pro-life leaders, it seems Huelskamp has more than shored up his national support and continues to surge in local first district support.

It's interesting to note that the article only mentions two of Wasinger's endorsements, Barton and Thompson. I can only assume that's because those are the only two he's mentioned publicly and officially on his website. This makes it even more curious why his supporters have insisted on anonymously creating endorsements through Facebook groups and in comments here and elsewhere.

Endorsements are nice, but in reality they usually don't translate into votes, no matter who they come from. People make their own decisions, and especially in the independent First District, I think folks will come to the decision to vote Huelskamp on their own without any help from outside influences.

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