Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will Sebelius meet with woman forced to abort her child by Tiller?

Kansas Liberty is raising questions tonight about whether Gov. Sebelius will meet with a woman who was forced to abort her 25 week old unborn child in George Tiller's abortion clinic.

Michelle Armesto-Berge has previously testified before House and Senate committees about her forced abortion at the hands of her parents and Tiller's staff. She's now asking to meet with Gov. Sebelius to ask her to sign Senate Bill 218 which would tighten abortion laws in Kansas to ensure such an incident doesn't happen again.

I would say chances of a meeting are nil. Sebelius has signed her token pro-life piece of legislation to strengthen her chances at being confirmed HHS Secretary. She has no political reason to sign the bill, and let's be honest, politics is the only reason she's ever done anything. So, no political reason to sign the bill equals one dead bill. And zero chance of a meeting.

The only hope is further damage to her nomination process due to lying about Tiller's campaign donations. If she feels there's been sufficient damage, she very well may sign the bill hoping, like so many times before, that prosecution will simply never happen against her old pal. Regardless of her decision, I'm sorry to say she'll never meet with

Pro-lifers would be smart to focus on further damage to her nomination process to better the chances of SB 218 here in Kansas. It's a win-win strategy.

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