Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wasinger falters again, no first district money

Nothing surprising about this one folks. A state-by-state and congressional district analysis shows that fully two-thirds of Huelskamp's Kansas contributions came from the first district. That's in comparison to Wasinger who wasn't able to raise a single itemized contribution from the first district again.

Virginia continues to be the number one donor state for Wasinger, this time clocking in at 36% of itemized donations. There was a tie for number two between New York and Maryland with newcomer Washington DC coming in fourth. That's a rather impressive showing for the district based on it's small total population. And moving up from seventh to fifth is Kansas. Just over $3,500 from the home state with 86% coming from the third district. Again, still no contributions from Rob's home base, the first district.

In raw numbers it's interesting to note Huelskamp raised nearly $40,000 from the first district, an astronomical number for that part of the state. That's in comparison to $36,105 in total itemized contributions to the Wasinger campaign.

In other words, Sen. Huelskamp was able to raise $3,700 more from the first district alone than Wasinger was able to raise from the entire nation. It's beyond impressive, it's nearly unbelievable.

It's also interesting to note Huelskamp took in over $2,800 more in unitemized contributions than Wasinger as well. Either way you slice it, Wasinger got beat down this quarter.

Things must really be looking up for the Huelskamp campaign. I would say that whoever is in charge needs to continue what they are doing.

For the Wasinger campaign, I'd say they really need to take a good look at their strategy and seek outside help. (And when I say outside I mean someone from Kansas.) I expected contributions to dry up as the Brownback money ran out, but I didn't expect them to fall by 50%! Money is quickly drying up for Wasinger and he's clearly not able to tap into any significant Kansas money.

It's become clear now that Rob is having a very difficult time connecting with the voters in the first district. I doubt Rob's strategy will change, which makes me happy. I won't say this is a knock out blow to the Wasinger campaign because a lot can happen between now and August 2010, but it has sure got to be a huge blow to their moral. Unlike what I've heard, I don't agree that this is the end of the road, but it has sure pushed the Wasinger campaign to the edge of the cliff.

More on the other anomalies I outlined before later.

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