Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Tax Day! How much does Sebelius owe Kansas?

Gov. Sebelius has already admitted to both lying on three years worth of tax returns and to how much campaign cash she received from abortionist George Tiller. But because Kansas income taxes are based on how much a person pays in Federal taxes, the question du jour has now become how much did she cheat the state of Kansas out of the past three years?

Fact is, no one knows. According to Channel 49 in Topeka, neither the Governor's office or the White House is saying if she had to pay additional state taxes.

But according to the Kansas Department of Revenue, any changes in a previously filed federal return must be reported to KDOR within 180 days and any back taxes must be paid in full with interest to avoid penalties.

Don't the people of Kansas have a right to know how much their governor cheated her own state out of properly due taxes? She's been so eager before to raise taxes (property, sales and anything else she can think of), why not admit whether or not she's paid her fair share?

If three years worth of tax returns can cause this much trouble, imagine what a ten year review would reveal.

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