Monday, May 4, 2009

Coal plant breakthrough: Parkinson, Sunflower reach an agreement

Shocking news out of Topeka today; Gov. Mark Parkinson and Sunflower Electric have reached an agreement to build one 895 megawatt coal plant in western Kansas instead of the previous two 700 megawatt plants. The deal also calls for utilities to generate 20% of their energy from renewable sources by 2020.

What a victory for Sunflower and Republicans. With Queen Kathleen out of the picture, true bipartisan solutions could be made. Or perhaps Parkinson was already loosing his grip on Democrats in the Legislature? No one may ever know.

The biggest victory for Republicans was stopping a state carbon tax that would have devastated our economy for decades to come. Republicans can also claim victory for a REAL stimulus package for Kansas; jobs created in the private sector at no cost to taxpayers.

Sen. Huelskamp also noted the defeat of a carbon tax in the agreement.
“One of the original proposals to deal with this KDHE decision was the implementation of a carbon tax. That would have been a horrible precedent for Kansas and the nation. So I am thrilled that no such requirements are part of this agreement.”
The deal still requires a bill to be passed by both the House and Senate, but with Sunflower's blessing passage is all but assured.

What a great day for a Republican led Legislature working on real solutions. More importantly, what a victory for Kansans getting the jobs and private economic development they need.

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