Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Republican leadership needs to get a clue

News is breaking today from the Lawrence Journal-World that Republican legislative leaders gave some hefty bonuses to their staff while at the same time seeking cuts to state employee salaries.

That's not to say the article wasn't a hit piece. Only House leadership was mentioned and I'm sure Senate leaders were involved as well. Plus it doesn't mention what Democrats were doing with their pay scale, so I'm going to guess the paper never checked. And after all the nice things I had to say about them.

In the end leadership should have known how this would look, especially when trying to cut state employee salaries (which should be done.) As much as everyone likes to blame the media, this fiasco falls squarely on those handing out the checks. Honestly, who couldn't have seen this one coming?

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Anonymous said...

If you're curious what Democrats did, just pull the file on Morris (that should get you close to the answer).