Thursday, May 7, 2009

Democrats bench looks awfully empty

Hey, when the Wichita Eagle and KC Star both say the Democrats bench is empty, it's gotta be so, right?

The Eagle's editorial board notes that Sebelius' party building was exaggerated if one looks at registration numbers where Republicans still dominate Democrat's numbers. Of course, this is absolutely no surprise to any conservative Republican. Not the numbers but the fact that Democrats and liberals in general are just now starting to realize Sebelius could have cared less about Kansas or her party. Kathleen was in it for Kathleen and she was willing to throw anyone else around her under the bus to get what she wanted.

House Minority Leader Paul Davis still hasn't come to this realization yet. He still thinks the party's limited success in '06 wasn't because of Sebelius.
"I don’t think the success of the party is just about her.”
Well if it isn't about her then who was it about? And why do things look so bleak for you guys now that she's gone? Kathleen had her own people so scared even now that she's in Washington they still won't fess up to reality.

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