Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More evidence Democrats got royally screwed by Sunflower deal

More evidence is coming to light today that Kansas Democrats got royally screwed by the Sunflower agreement. That is, besides almost every Kansas Democrat saying it.

KTKA 49 in Topeka is reporting that the two plant in Garden City that Sunflower agreed to decommission haven't been used in 20 years. So glad the environmental lobby held out on that one to "off-set" CO2 emissions from the new Holcomb plant.
The 4 megawatt and 8 megawatt units in Garden City have not been used because they are inefficient to run, said Sunflower spokeswoman Cindy Hertel. But, she said, they are available for use in case of an emergency.
Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

As if that wasn't enough enjoyment for me, it looks like the libs at the KC Star have finally lost their nearly seven year admiration of Queen Kathleen. Mike Hendricks actually blames her for Parkinson caving.

No doubt, many Democrats are cussing Parkinson for caving to pressure from the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Legislature. But it’s not him they should scorn. Sebelius picked the guy. They should blame her.

Hilarious! In a way I think he's right, but not because she picked the guy. What Republicans (at least conservatives) have known for years and Kansas Democrats have been in blissful ignorance of, is that Queen Kathleen could care less about Kansas or the Democratic Party. She only cares about herself. Thus the quick exit to D.C. when she could have stayed and fought for a U.S. Senate seat.

It's always been about Kathleen. Anybody who says otherwise is still in blissful, nostalgic ignorance.


Not sure how I missed this, but as I noted earlier, it looks like Holcomb may eventually get its second plant anyway. From the Cap-Journal:
He said another troubling element in the agreement granted Sunflower the opportunity in two years to seek a second state permit for construction of another new coal unit at Holcomb.
So it looks like I wasn't out in left field earlier. Even more evidence Democrats lost big time.


Jason said...

You do realize, kid, that the approved agreement is awfully similar to the proposal Kathleen Sebelius tossed off a year ago that was roundly rejected by the GOP & Sunflower, right?

While I understand the activist class in my party isn't pleased today, the idea this wasn't part of Kathleen Sebelius's play book on this issue, too, is silly.

farmerjoe said...

Maybe as far as the green proposals go. But the stripping of Bremby's power wasn't in her proposal and is ultimately why Democrats lost.

Besides, I didn't hear the environmental wackos going nuts when she proposed it. But now they are. So somewhere along the line it changed enough for them. And that's good enough for me.