Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is safety more important than racial profiling?

Is the safety of the public more important than the issue of racial profiling?
Steve Cisneros, executive director of the governor's Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission and a member of the state profiling task force, said profiling is a lesser concern than safety. He added that he recently spoke with a Hispanic woman whose daughter was killed in a car accident while not wearing a seat belt. "She said, 'I wish my daughter was here to tell me she was racially profiled. Now I have to talk to her at the cemetery,'" Cisneros said.
Did I just read that right? Public safety trumps racial profiling? Would Cisneros have given the same response if asked about profiling used at airports to target potential terrorists? After all, public safety trumps racial profiling, right?

Is this the only argument the big brother government lovers have to answer the very real concern expressed by Rep. Brenda Landwehr that primary seat belt laws could lead to more racial profiling by law enforcement? Apparently. Either that or it was a very poorly thought out attack on a lawmaker by Dion Lefler at the Wichita Eagle.

As if that wasn't enough, Cisneros decides that he needs to use a deceased woman to drive home the point that it's better for someone to be alive than to be discriminated against. I guess it never occurred to anyone on the left that it doesn't take a government official to pull a seat belt across your body and click it. Why don't we strive for seat belt use AND no racial profiling? Why does Cisneros believe the two are mutually exclusive?

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