Monday, April 27, 2009

Huelskamp picks up Peterjohn endorsement

Sen. Tim Huelskamp picked up another endorsement today, this time from fellow Kansan and Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn. Peterjohn is the former director of the Kansas Taxpayers Network, which has now merged with Americans for Prosperity Kansas.

Peterjohn took an apparent swipe at Huelskamp's competition saying that while some have signed a taxpayer pledge, Sen. Huelskamp has actually kept the pledge for 13 years. Rob Wasinger claims to be the first to sign a Taxpayer Protection Pledge, but Huelskamp was actually the first, having signed during his first campaign for state Senator. Sen. Huelskamp is also the only candidate with the voting record to back up his rhetoric.
"Some others in this race have bragged about being the first to sign the 'no tax' pledge. Well, I'm here to tell you that Tim Huelskamp signed American's for Tax Reform's 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge' thirteen years ago -- and despite great pressure to break his pledge on several occasions – he has always honored his promise to Kansas taxpayers. I am proud to support his bid for Congress."
Huelskamp said:
"We signed the 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge' thirteen years ago when I first ran for the state senate and have never gone back on our word. I'm looking forward to continuing that same tradition of integrity and fiscal leadership in the United States Congress"
As the only one in the race with a proven record of protecting taxpayers, this is news you'll certainly hear again throughout the campaign.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tim! Love your new blog!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how your blog gathers the interest of the educated voter, and the shouts of children like the above comment.

You point out facts, policy and Tim's record. . .

They call names and throw rocks.

They embarrass themselves and their state (not from Kansas I'm guessing?)