Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night!

The queen is gone! What a great day for Kansas and a dark future for America.

Now the question becomes just how left has Mark Parkinson gone since he switched parties in '06. I don't think his stance on any issue of importance has changed at all. I think he's the same liberal he was before and will continue to be til 2010 rolls around. He'll just be a little more cushy with Steve Morris and John Vratil. But then again, the only difference Morris had with Sebelius was the coal plants, so what's changed? Nothing!

The positions haven't changed, just the strength of the person behind them. Parkinson isn't seen as strong as Sebelius, so basically Republicans are happy about him being in charge because they think they can peel off enough Democrats to override any veto he might hand down. Certainly possible when it comes to pro-life legislation, but I doubt any coal plants will be built anytime soon.

How much damage did Brownback cause to himself? That may not be known until November next year, but I still believe his chances of winning are pretty good. Kaw and Border has posted a defense of Brownback. It's worth a read.

All in all things are looking quite bleak for Democrats in Kansas. Their savior has bolted for their other savior and now there's no one to save them from the mean, nasty Republicans. Either Tiahrt or Moran are a shoo in for Senate, their best candidate for governor they've decided to attack themselves (Steineger) and they only have appointed officials as Treasurer and AG who now have to fund raise on their own with out the help of Queen Kathleen.

Such a refreshing morning!

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