Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three Republicans plan Sebelius/Daschle bill to fix budget problems

File this one under "What were they thinking?"

Sens. Derek Schmidt, Jay Emler and Les Donovan are proposing a new program to let tax cheats pay their back taxes without any penalties. The Department of Revenue says the bill will add $22 million to help the state's budget problems. I don't know if the bill has a name yet, but I propose calling it the Sebelius/Daschle Act of 2009.

If that many Kansans owe back taxes, here's a plan, make them pay their back taxes! How's that for a plan? These three Republican's remind me of Oliver Twist. "Please tax cheats, would you please pay up your taxes? We've spent and spent and now we'd like some more please!"

What a joke. The state has a spending problem, not a revenue problem and our legislators would be wise to realize which side of the equation they need to focus on.

Separate from the budget issue is how this looks to those of us who actually file and pay our taxes on time. Why go to the trouble if Senators like Schmidt, Emler and Donovan are just going to bail you out when they decide they really need the money? This is nothing more than legalized tax amnesty on the Obama cabinet nominee level.

If these three stooges want tax cheats to pay their bill, then they should pay interest to those of us who paid up for the time they government had control of our money. After all, I could have instead taken those tax payments and invested them in a bank CD or something and made a little cash before I forked it over to the state for them to waste.

I wonder how much the state would net if they had to pay back interest to every taxpayer that paid on time?

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