Friday, May 1, 2009

Because when everyone's one will be...

Did you watch The Incredibles? I have to say it was a rather good movie, for an animation, but I maintain I only watched it because my wife made me.

Some recent comments by Rep. Dennis Moore seem to be a little reminiscent of a scene in the movie. It's where Syndrome (the evil guy) reveals his plan to sell his inventions to the public so that everybody can be a superhero.
"Because when everyone's super (evil laughter), no one will be!"
Compare that with Dennis Moore's remarks about a hate crime bill that just passed the House.
“I have seen senseless acts of violence committed against individuals for no reasons other than their religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.”
I don't doubt for a second Moore saw all of those crimes as the former DA for Johnson County. But after listing all of the groups that make a crime a "hate crime" in his view, it seems to me that pretty much everyone is special. Wouldn't that mean every crime is a hate crime?

I mean, let's look at the groups he mentions. Religion? Well, almost everybody is religious, except maybe atheists, but even they have a set of beliefs that they live by, which is the definition of a religion. Ethnicity? I'm ethnic. Pretty much everybody is. Gender? Yea, I have a gender too.

Moore's comments cover anyone and everyone in the general population. What's the point in "hate crime" legislation when anything and everything can be a hate crime? Besides, isn't all crime a bit hateful?

Let's face it. When everyone is in a protected class, no one will be.

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