Friday, May 1, 2009

Huelskamp, Kinzer expose Planned Parenthood coverup

Planned Parenthood is once again in the headlines, this time because of help they gave a 14 year old girl who was being abused by a 23 year old man.

According to Kansas Liberty, Sen. Tim Huelskamp and Rep. Lance Kinzer released an audio tape of a girl speaking with Planned Parenthood of Kansas and MId-Missouri where the counselor advised the girl to seek pregnancy testing and contraceptives at the clinic for both her and her abuser. The clinic made no effort to counsel the girl on her sexual abuse or report to law enforcement officials about the abuse.

Planned Parenthood has received over $550,000 the past two years in state funding. Both lawmakers raise an excellent question as to why an organization that refuses to follow Kansas law, especially concerning sexual abuse, continues to receive state funding.

The audio is available on Huelskamp's website,

The beginning is rather disturbing. I guess I should have known that even abortion clinics make you press one for an abortion, two for birth control, etc, but in my mind I kept hearing, "Press one to kill your child, press two to..."

The caller made it clear that her boyfriend was 23 years old and the counselor didn't seem to care. In fact, the counselor didn't seem to care even a bit for the girl, putting her on hold without warning in the middle of a conversation. Certainly not against the law but its interesting to hear the "compassion" in Planned Parenthood's counselors none-the-less.

If a girl called you up and said she was 14 and then said her boyfriend was 23, wouldn't you at least want to find out more information? Not if you're Planned Parenthood. At the heart of the matter is whether or not the clinic thought the girl was being abused. The fact is Planned Parenthood has shown over and over and over again that they believe 12, 13 and 14 year old girls can make sexual decisions just fine on their own, even when it involves men in their 20's and 30's who could have complete control over them.

The fact is, Planned Parenthood doesn't report the abuse because they don't view it as abuse.

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